Here are some common questions:

What types of fee arrangements do you offer?

We never want fees to get in the way of helping good people with great ideas.  We can bill on an hourly basis or, when the circumstances are appropriate, we can defer our fees to a future event, such as a financing, or work on a flat fee or other alternate fee arrangement.  Our extremely low overhead rate allows us to be creative and not constantly charge clients for time.

How do you arrange for expertise outside of your area?

If a matter requires other expertise, we assist our clients engage other counsel and advisors.  We have the luxury of being able to connect our clients to the best available talent and expertise, rather than making in-house referrals that may not be in the client's best interests.

Where are do you practice?

We love helping Hawaii companies and entrepreneurs, and are located in Hawaii.  As a virtual law firm, however, we can assist clients wherever they may be.